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Where We've Been

Hi, Its Eric Here. We Have Been Quiet For A While, And You May Have Been Wondering Where We've Been. So Here Is An Update On Where We've Been.

What We've Been Doing

We Are Still Working Hard On Stickman's Adventure, The Game's Next Public Beta Will Be On New Years 2024. This Might Be A Bit Of A Stretch, But We Might Be Able To Get A Final Beta Build Ready On July 27th, 2024. If Not, We Will Have To Delay The Game, Because We Don't Want To Put Out A Rushed Product, We Want To Make Sure That The Product You Get Is Finished And Bug Tested. Of Course, There Will Still Be Some Bugs That We Have Not Swatted (Get It? Because Bug). In That Case A Form Will Be Put Out Where You Can Notify Us Of Any Problem You Face. But Just Because We've Been Working On 1 Thing Doesn't Mean We Don't Have Any Future Ideas Up Our Sleeve.

What's Next

So Far We Have Only 1 Concrete Idea For A Future Game, And It's An Ambitious One Too. You Can Check Out Our Ideas Here. But We WILL NOT Work On This Game Coding-Wise Until We Finish Stickman's Adventure. Another Idea We Have Is To Just Dump A Lot Of Content We Have Held In Our Servers For Too Long Onto This Website. Basically The Nintendo Gigaleak On Purpose.

- Eric William