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WARNING: Hacker Attack Might Happen.

Recently An Event Has Occurred On Eric's End. One Of My Relatives Have Downloaded Some Very Fishy Software (Not Telling Who.). And Has Downloaded Malware Or A Virus. This "Software" May Try To Take My Information And Might Attack My Websites. IF I DO SOMETHING VERY HORRIBLE (e.g. Harass My Fanbase, Say Something Offensive), UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE THIS MAY NOT BE ERIC WILLIAM! IT MAY BE A HACKER! Now Because I Am Good With Computers, I Have Been Able To Backtrack The Only Virus/Malware I Have Gotten (Specifically "Browser Assistant"). So This Won't Be An Issue. I Will Give The Official SealBark Studios "All Clear Signal" When Everything Has Been Resolved (If My "All Clear Signal" Contains Certain Errors, It Is Not The Real "All Clear Signal"). Thank You For Your Notice And Please Send Hope And Prayers.

- Eric Williiam